Purchase Guarantee

What is your price match policy?


We will do our best to provide you with the best possible prices in the best quality of items. We don’t have a price match guarantee. We will not match the advertised price other retailers offer for the same items.


Do I get a warranty?

We offer a flexible return policy since our products are customized. Should there be any damage and quality problem with your doll, please send photos via the contact page and we will assess the issue in order to provide the better solution (a replacement for that product or part damaged, a fixing solution or discount. It will depend on the nature of the incident).


We have established a strict quality control system, and every doll is thoroughly inspected and tested before leaving our studio with firm privacy-preserving packaging and guaranteed logistics. If you have any complaints or dissatisfaction, please feel free to contact us. We appreciate any feedback as well as it can help us work with our manufacturers to avoid a repeat of these issues in the future.


What is not covered by the guarantee and why?

  • Dolls that have been sexually used. – Please see ‘Are there any conditions that will VOID the guarantee’ section above.


  • Minor skin imperfections – Small imperfections on your doll's skin can sometimes occur during the mold injection and un-molding process. These will generally be inconspicuous and we like to think of them more as unique ‘birth marks’.


  • Loose fingernails – Finger and toenails are something else that we carefully inspect during our approval inspection to make sure they are glued well and cleanly. However nails can become loose. If a nail does become loose or fall off, use our lash and nail glue to re-attach it.


  • Loose eyelashes – Your doll is shipped with a protective eye mask to protect her delicate eyelashes. If an eyelash does come loose use our lash & nail glue to reattach it.


  • Suspicious damages – Your doll can be exchanged in new condition. If she has sustained damages that are deemed questionable and suspected to have been user inflicted, that’s on you.


  • Negligence – If your doll sustains damage due to mishandling or lack of care, that’s on you and we’ll advise you on how to fix it.


  • Aesthetic differences of the semi-permanent make-up. – Please see ‘Does the guarantee include make-up’ section above.
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